28 Thoughts On Digital Revolution (2014)

28 Thoughts On Digital Revolution is a collection of thoughts developed by the world-renowned speaker, Jonathan MacDonald, between 2006 and 2014 with regards to the digital revolution we are living in. The 28 thoughts in this collection originally amounted to over 5000 blog posts and speeches.

Contained within are thoughts that address the hidden aspects and alternative perspectives of how technology has impacted our lives and businesses. Privacy, advocacy and loyalty are also featured with a range of examples from the past and present. Citizenship and and society are discussed in this context, as well as a range of ideas which are linked directly to the trends and developments that make up the signposts of today and tomorrow.

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Business Poison (2013)

The secrets of modern business success can be found within the bloodstream of an organisation. When innovation circulates deep within, market-changing products and services get launched, often to great admiration. When social responsibility courses through corporate veins, lives can change as hope is granted. All of this is wonderfully opportunistic and worth aspiring to, provided that the bloodstream isn’t infected by business poison, rendering the organisation unable to function properly.

In this essential handbook for modern business, Jonathan MacDonald brings together some of his most powerful and timely insights from over two decades of experience, observing and advising every type of company in the world, including Google, Apple, P&G, Unilever, Nestlé and IKEA. This book draws on this experience and outlines the critical distinctions between potential success and failure, challenging the thinking of every reader.

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Every Single One Of Us – Vol.1: The Communication Ideal (2008)

The Communication Ideal is a collection of theory and practice that drives the interaction between brands and people – now and in the future.

The Communication Ideal is an examination of the principles underlying effective dialogue and a bold prediction about the future of advertising, marketing and personal brand communications.

It is an essential book for people working with brands, agencies, PR companies, marketing services and those involved in the print, recording, radio, television, cinema, internet and mobile industries will all find this book centrally relevant to them. This volume is also vital for those who are learning about the above industries with a view to being involved in media and communications.

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