Last Week On TEN – 12th Jan 2014

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Last week on TEN I was delighted to welcome new members into the network and set about recording the first video comment.

This comment was on how retailers can be successful in the online space and what the differences are between those that succeed and those that miss the boat.

The feedback to the video comment has been amazing (which was a relief as I’d never done it before!) and I’m now busy preparing the next one for the week ahead at the same time as storing up insights for the monthly keynote that will be published at the end of Jan 🙂

As with everything in life, it’s a personal choice as to whether you believe your thinking is as advantaged as it could be. The personality trait of those who have signed up seems initially to be one of ambition and determination. We all know that people who invest into expanding their insight seem to climb higher in the business world, so the members of TEN are likely to appear in the more powerful positions moving forward.

If you feel your career is worth the investment of a 90 day free trial, you can find out more about TEN here:


"I'm exceedingly happy being part of TEN, I just hope my competitors don't figure out my advantage. Feel free to use this quote but please keep my name secret."

− Member #3, TEN