Last week on TEN – 18th Jan 2014

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Last week on TEN the first subscribers to the Standard Membership joined. The plan includes free access to quarterly seminars (public ticket price £50) and a free event pass (public ticket price £500). Seminar and event planning will start next month 🙂

The second video comment for TEN members was released early in the week with my comments on what was missing at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas and again the feedback has been really positive. I’m going to work on making the comments even more structured, following a pattern similar to:

What story or development has caught my attention in the last few days?

What angle are the reporters or commentators taking?

How are people generally responding?

What is being missed?

What are the winning people or companies doing differently?

What is the main insight that we can all expand our thinking with?

I hope this structure will increase the thought expansion for all members of TEN. If you are haven’t joined in yet, check out TEN here: – there’s still a free 3 months trial for the basic plan, however you may see additional value in the seminar and events – in which case, look into the Standard Membership 🙂

See you next week,