Last Week On TEN – 19th Feb 2014

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This update is in two parts:

1. Upgrading the Thought Expansion Network (TEN)

2. Recent updates from TEN

1. Upgrading the Thought Expansion Network

Regardless of how long we’ve been in business, it is essential for us to revisit our original plans to ensure that what we are offering still stands the best chance of truly adding value.

Applying this to the Thought Expansion Network has resulted in the following upgrades:

Fundamentally, the purpose of TEN (and my purpose in life, as it happens) is to enable people’s thinking to expand, to deal with perpetual change.

For reference, I spoke to several members of TEN and those conversations enabled me to focus even more on the parts that resonate most, and as a result, I have re-configured the way that membership of TEN works in several ways:

  • People can now join without inputting payment info. This means that new sign-ups do not get a free sign-up white-paper, but instead, access to regular video comments and advance notice of events where tickets can be purchased. You may notice the switch from “weekly” to “regular” video comments. This is because the breaking stories that grab my attention should dictate the timeframe, rather than the timeframe dictate what stories grab my attention.
  • For members who have subscribed, the term “basic” is now replaced with the status of “VIP”, with the benefit of subscribing being to access front-row seats at all events and after-show conversations. Those on a current free trial will remain so, however the free trial option is no longer enabled for new subscribers (as people can join without charge, although not as VIPs).
  • The content, seminars and events, are simplified to quarterly in-person events (after the 6th March) where VIP’s will get free passes and anyone else can choose to attend by purchasing a ticket.

2. Recent updates

The most recent video in the Thought Expansion Network (TEN) was in relation to the background story to the recent Fast Company list of the most innovative companies. In the video I discuss the list, the logic and some hidden stories that most people don’t see.

In relation to the free keynote I’m giving on March 6th in London at 18.30GMT – this will be about how to handle perpetual change that effects all of us, regardless of where we work or where we live. As promised, this will be filmed and distributed to all members of TEN.

The location will be the Impact HUB Westminster: and, so far, over half of the 100 free tickets have gone – if you want to come along, now is the time to register here:

Join me in welcoming the future of thought expansion.