Last Week On TEN – 5th Feb 2014

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OK, I admit it, this should be called the “Last Few Weeks On TEN’.

Since the 18th Jan there’s been two new video comments from me, one about the impending noise of wearable technology and the other about how headline-grabbing link-bait articles can skew our perception of reality (using the Princeton research about Facebook’s death as an example).

Also, last weekend saw the first keynote being published which was “A Step-by-Step Guide To Thought Expansion”. In my keynote I dive deeper into the methodology of thought expansion that I introduced in the white paper I sent out. I give real world examples of how concepts and context could be stretched for innovative and profitable competitive advantage. The keynote is almost 25 minutes long and is as detailed as the keynotes I deliver professionally to high-paying clients around the world, most recently in Rio. All of this is available to you inside TEN.

Moving forward it is likely the keynote format changes to perhaps include a live audience. I’m toying with the idea of making a number of tickets available on a first-come-first-served basis, then video-ing the keynote to be distributed to all members of TEN. Naturally, the Standard and Advanced members of TEN will get free access to everything anyway. Remember, the benefit of in-person events is that there will be a Q&A/discussion afterwards.

In terms of the seminars and the annual event, these plans are in process and you’ll be the first to know about that….and there are even bigger plans floating around my head but that’s for later in the year 😉

As always, if you are haven’t joined in yet, check out TEN here: – there’s still a free 3 months trial for the basic plan, however you may see additional value in the seminar and free events – in which case, look into the Standard Membership. Without being too ‘sales-y’, I assure you that being inside TEN early will pay dividends in many ways…

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