Last Week On TEN – 9th Feb 2014

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Weekly video comment

…and an event invitation with VIP after-show

The members of the Thought Expansion Network (TEN) have recently received a video comment from me regarding Satya Nadella’s appointment as CEO of Microsoft.

In the video I discuss the stories that the press have missed and, critically, what his and Microsoft’s success is likely to be based upon. This insight is applicable to every company, despite only using Microsoft as an example.

As I mentioned last week, I’m planning on delivering my next keynote free of charge in front of a live audience. This will be filmed and distributed to members of TEN, however those who are there in person can enjoy the Q&A session immediately afterwards.

I’m releasing 100 free tickets to sense demand. Depending on how many are taken, I’ll book the location accordingly but it will definitely be in Central London this time (apologies to those overseas – I’m working on a plan to take this into your territory also).

The date for the live keynote #1 is Thursday March 6th at 18.30 (GMT). Members of TEN have already been given front row seats and exclusive invitations to a VIP after-show gathering. You can also benefit in this way by signing up for a 90 day free trial of TEN which also provides you weekly video content from me:

If you want to attend but don’t want front row seats or access to the VIP after-show (fear not, my free beer will go to other ‘worthy’ causes), follow this link to claim your free ticket to the TEN Keynote:

See you on the 6th (if you’re a member of TEN, or if you get a ticket in time!)