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Molly Bedingfield is an inspirational speaker and social entrepreneur who helps audiences to understand the secrets to truly nurture talent and bring out the best in any team.

Molly is the mother of international pop stars Daniel and Natasha Bedingfield, successfully home-schooling her four children through their secondary education, with a strong emphasis on creating the right environments for creative ability to flourish. Her children’s extraordinary careers owe a great deal to Molly’s unique perspective on how to effectively nurture and develop talent.

Over the course of a career spanning more than 25 years, she has been involved in business management, leadership development and mentoring; experiences that enable her to tailor her business-critical messages in a relevant way which can be practically applied by any organisation.

In 2004 Molly established the internationally renowned ‘Global Angels Foundation’, a charity with a unique 100% promise, which has primarily been built on Molly’s ability to create effective teams, win people’s hearts and minds and take them on the journey with her.

Her perspective on facilitative leadership and talent development is based firmly on real-life, practical experience, and communicated with charisma, passion and immense warmth through her inspiring keynote speeches.

“Thank you so much for your contribution to our People Accelerator Change event last week. Having received feedback, participants found your session extremely inspiring and enlightening. They particularly appreciated how candid you were and gained greatly from this. A number pinpointed your session as the highlight. From a personal perspective I found your session inspiring and motivating. As I shared with you; the participants were rapt by your comments and I feel you added a real gravitas by making very strong links between bringing people with you, creating commitment and connecting to that higher purpose and how businesses and charities operate today, whilst also offering personal insights and wisdoms which I know the participants particularly enjoyed.” – Karen McCormick, Interim Talent Manager Europe & Africa, BP Lubricants

“I asked Molly to come and talk to a middle management audience with the aim to show them how passion can generate commitment to change and how passion for a specific cause can motivate. The idea was for people to see how to take people with you during change. Molly delivered an excellent talk that had the audience deeply engaged and enthused, whilst also showing how her story could help them in their roles. Molly has an excellent, relaxed and unassuming style. It is this ‘human’ quality that makes her excel in connecting with audiences and one of the reasons I would certainly use her skills again should the opportunity arise.” – Dr Marc Lawn DBA, BP

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