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Richard Askam has built his entire career on a deep understanding of customer needs particularly when it comes to how brands communicate and engage with them. Starting from scratch in a rented garage, he first built one of the country’s most profitable independent wine merchants. Using that success as a springboard he created another start-up company – which became the UK’s largest personalised gift business. In less than a decade, with Richard at the helm, Intervino delivered significant profit for global brands such as Barclays, Interflora, Coca-Cola, Unilever and United Biscuits through brand collaborations and a focus on personalised products.

Now working as a professional speaker and brand consultant, Richard believes passionately that success today relies on a company’s ability to interact personally with every individual client – regardless of organisational size or geographic location. His vision, attitude and ideas have helped a variety of organisations including Royal Mail, The Pack Hub and Pipers Crisps. Richard delivered the online ShareaCoke campaign in 2014 and the highly successful online Marmite campaign in 2015 for Unilever so is uniquely placed to comment on the growth of personalisation.

Richard talks authoritatively with a unique combination of inspiring, entertaining and motivating stories and secrets from the industry. He speaks internationally and provides brand guidance to help audiences and organisations identify, understand and capitalise on the idea of ‘Up Close and Personalised’.

“The presentation to Royal Mail management was outstanding! Thank you for motivating and inspiring our management teams. Our people are still talking about it and you have created a real buzz. The speech was full of energy, it was entertaining and educational about the world of personalised products but more importantly to Royal Mail it hit home on the value of service and collaboration. Your examples were compelling, your style totally engaging and your ability to help us envisage a different future through service excellence and collaboration was absolutely on the money. Royal Mail found you professional, personable and totally attuned to the challenges we face. The whole presentation and the way you delivered the information supported our goals fantastically well.” – John Maher, Delivery Director, Royal Mail Group Ltd

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