Welcome to TEN

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Right, housekeeping out the way, let’s go!


Welcome to TEN

Firstly, happy new year!

To kick things off, I’m pleased to announce my new Thought Expansion Network (also known as TEN) that I created in response to regular demands for a forum that expands the thinking of proactive business people.

This is a subscription service but currently there is a FREE TRIAL for 3 months available that you can sign up for today at https://jonathanmacdonald.com/ten

The primary themes of TEN are matched directly to the most common requests from the most forward-thinking executives I meet each week:

  • dealing with perpetual change
  • maximising the opportunities in cutting-edge technology
  • developing ethical innovation strategies
  • benefitting from social business practice

There are three levels of monthly subscription: Basic (which, as I mentioned, you can try free for 3 months), Standard and Advanced.

With all three levels you can cancel your subscription at any time. Here are the features included across the levels:

Weekly video comment

Each week I publish a video comment that is exclusively for members of TEN. This comment is to provide deeper insight into new developments and stories as they emerge.

Monthly keynote video

At the end of each month I record and distribute an exclusive keynote talk for all members of TEN. These talks are my personal summary of the changes in technology, business and society that are shaping our future. In each keynote talk I will also cover how to maximise the opportunities and gain competitive advantage. This is similar advice to what I provide for the largest organisations in the world where just one talk would typically cost more than the advanced annual membership alone.

Free pass to quarterly online masterclasses (public ticket price £50)

Every standard and advanced membership of TEN comes with a free pass to quarterly masterclasses. Standard and advanced members can vote for masterclass topics. The most popular topics will then be developed into online masterclasses. A limited number of public tickets will also be on sale at £50 each.

Free pass to the annual TEN event (public ticket price £500)

Every year I host an event that has the sole intention of stimulating and inspiring expanded thought. It isn’t like a normal conference, there are no sales pitches and boring powerpoint presentations – only the cutting edge of insight that you simply won’t find anywhere else. There are a limited number of public tickets available for £500, however, every standard and advanced membership of TENcomes with a free pass to this event, provided you’ve been subscribed at that level for 6 months or more.

Real-time contact via private social network

Advanced members are given a pass into a private social network that I host, enabling direct interaction with me at any time for Q&A and idea development. This is a direct connection to my thinking.

Monthly, in-person, private gatherings

Each month I host private gatherings in various cities around the world. These gatherings are for intense discussion and deep thought expansion and are tailored to the availability and proximity of the advanced members. These are not publicised across any channels, the only people to know about the gatherings and what ground-breaking thoughts are discussed, are the advanced members.

I really hope you find TEN valuable. I’ve spent a great deal of time tailoring this service what appears to be in demand, however I’m sure it will evolve over time as demands change.

If you get a chance, please do sign up for your free trial now, I’d love to help you super-charge this year: https://jonathanmacdonald.com/ten