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How I work

From being involved in a dozen start-ups to strategising behind the scenes at some of the world’s largest companies, I bring a wide range of strategic yet visionary skills to the table. I’m a polymath geek with a deep knowledge of cutting-edge technologies in conjunction with human psychology and philosophy. This intersection enables me to operate on a personal and professional level regardless of client requirement which can range from mentoring, chairpersonship and non-exec needs, to hardcore strategy support on the frontline.

I work very closely with entrepreneurs, business owners and executives in any size of team to unlock ultimate potential. Whether you’re just beginning or running a multi-million dollar budget, I can help. My private advisory services are closely linked to the methodologies and toolkits I call The Windmill Theory, detailed in my Sunday Times Bestseller, Powered By Change.

The majority of support I provide can be given via video calls. I use Zoom as it enables the recording of our sessions which may be useful for reference at a later date or by a wider team.

Is this you?

  • You’re a CEO/Founder/MD/Executive and want a quick sense check of your approach or particular direction. Or you’re an ex-corporate professional looking to stress test a new idea.
  • You require validation (or productive criticism!) of your strategy.
  • You want an external perspective on market risks and/or future market opportunities and threats.
  • You feel overwhelmed by all the options out there for your business and aren’t sure what to focus on.
  • You have a business idea, concept or innovation that you want to ensure stands the absolute highest chance of commercial and competitive success.

Do you ask yourself any of the following questions?

I (or we) don’t know whether we should be doing X or Y

I am doing (or we are about to do) X – does that sound like the right approach? Are we heading in the right direction? Does this resonate with the type of thing you’ve seen in the market? Is this likely to have the result that we want?

What do you think the future of this market is?

What is the risk of X happening?

I’ve got this great idea and I want to know whether you think it will fly – or how to get it off the ground?

Are we innovating fast enough and in the right direction?

If you resonate with any of the above, I can help. Choose from the below services to see how:


1 or 2-hour sessions via video call that enable insight, guidance and validation

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A series of six sessions for on-going support, adjustment and improvement.

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One day intensive sessions for deep awareness, vital trends and action plans.

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Brain On Tap

On-going access to Jonathan’s brain on a monthly basis, enabling constant support.

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A complete package for corporate teams seeking ultimate competitive advantage.

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“Jonathan is one of those rare people who are so good at what they do that to judge others by the
same standard would be unreasonable. Some people think outside the box, Jonathan thinks outside
the warehouse. He is an outstanding strategic thinker, able to zero in on what really matters.”

Christopher BillichSenior Strategy Expert at Deutsche Telekom