The Army Of Fanatics

I remember when my son excitedly told me he had created an army and was desperate to show me. I duly followed him into the lounge and saw his assembled army, split into two groups – one group on the higher level, apparently made up of the ‘king’ and helpers, and the other group as [...]

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True Harmony In Data

Believe it or not, the elementary understanding of the Greek Lyre, one of the first tuned musical instruments, is essential in understanding Greek Philosophy. The basis of many mathematical and scientific findings, thus creating much philosophical discussion, originated from Pythagoras’s experiments with string lengths and bridge positions on the seven- or eight-string Lyre. Musical notes [...]

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Super Olympics

A thought on using human enhancement and augmentation in sport. Super Olympics is a really simple concept. Basically, competitors can incorporate any type of modification to their bodies, up until the point where over 50% of their human body is un-human. In other words, not made up of their natural selves. Let’s start with some [...]

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Refuelling at Peace Time

It seems like every day there is a new example of a marketing campaign that “went wrong”. At the time of writing this chapter in 2013, the examples included the twitter campaign from McDonald’s restaurant that was ‘hijacked’ by the public who decided that the #MCDStories hashtag could be used for negative opinion rather than [...]

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This Is Your Heart

The year is 1931 and a man called Michael Unterguggenberger has just been elected mayor of a small Austrian town named Wörgl. The events of the coming two years will create a story of vision, courage, and one of the most ugly, most pertinent examples of industries that would prefer to suffer than change. Due [...]

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The Effort Metric

A thought on prioritising effort alongside other standard business metrics. In the 1995 publication by John Kotter entitled “Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail”*, his research from over 10 years showed that only 30% of change programmemes are successful. Almost 2 decades later, McKinsey research found that the figure was still around 30%.** Kotter found [...]

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The Privacy Dilemma

We are living in a world where our trust can only come from respect of citizen privacy (preceded with credibility, authenticity, consistency and positive interactions). Many companies, Facebook being a current example at the time of writing, exist in an ongoing dilemma, which is something I get asked about often. What it boils down to [...]

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What Lies Beneath

A while ago, Fast Company published an article relating to a new study from Princeton’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, claiming that “Facebook will lose 80% of users by 2017”. This article was duly shared around the world across multiple channels, reaching millions of people. If you looked very carefully though, you’d find that [...]

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