The Ultimate Transformation

We avoid looking at bills because we're worried about seeing how far behind we are on their payments. We don't stand on weight scales or look in mirrors if we feel we've gained weight. We turn off the news when the headlines make us upset. We avoid getting an important medical test done, fearing bad [...]

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Creating Value In Reality

Tucked away on pages 417-422 of the 16th Volume of the 1995 Tourism Management book by Roger Cheong, are two articles relating to the 'threats' of Virtual Reality (VR) on tourism. The first is about how tourists might travel with VR, and developers use it in the planning process, seeing VR as a logical progression [...]

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Understanding The Fintech Paradox

Using discreet tactics that presumably wouldn’t be out-of-place in a Bond film, the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) have a perpetual “watch-list” of words that are continually assessed for potential inclusion in the hallowed pages of the OED. Once a word is eventually included, it becomes part of that generation’s authentic lexicon - [...]

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On The Illusion Of Change

The Eleatics were an interesting bunch. They were a pre-Socratic school of philosophy founded by a guy called Parmenides in the early fifth century BC in the ancient town of Elea. They debated many things, some of which would blow your mind in terms of metaphysical concepts. One of the most mind-bending conclusions they arrived [...]

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