How To Become A Professional Speaker

Public speaking is apparently one of the most feared activities to do. Personally, I’ve found it extremely rewarding in many ways, not only in terms of career but also on a personal level in terms of confidence and interpersonal relationships.

I’ve been speaking professionally for over 10 years and have given over 500 keynote talks. I’ve spoken for companies ranging from Google, Microsoft and Apple to Nestle, P&G, IKEA and Lego. I’ve also been honoured receive a wide range of positive testimonials (viewable by clicking here).

I have put together a comprehensive 7-hour online video course that covers every aspect of how to become a professional speaker. In this course, which you can view in more detail by clicking here, you will learn:

  • How the industry works
  • How to charge money for speaking
  • How to position yourself in the best possible way
  • How to deliver your messages in the most compelling way

There’s so much more in the 14 modules and by buying the course you will unlock every tip and trick I know that enabled me to earn a substantial 6-figure income from being a professional speaker.

Click here to view the course in more detail