What you get

  • This is a series of six sessions of 2 hours each, similar to the Breakthrough Sessions. However, the advantage of having a series rather than just a single session is that I can help ensure that things are going to plan and concepts are adjusted to account for real-time market movements, management decisions or lesser known factors that take place.
  • You can choose how regular these are but the most common request is for a monthly schedule.
  • Each session can be recorded by you on Zoom and referenced afterwards.

The Results

  • The results are essentially an ongoing output of the Breakthrough Sessions.
  • It is likely that some form of execution is kick-started during the series, so this can be observed and commented upon, giving a high chance of adjustment and improvement.

How it works

  • This follows the same process as the Breakthrough Sessions, however, we will mutually agree to the next meeting date at the end of each session.

Your investment

  • £4,800+VAT for the entire series. (£5,760 incl.)
  • To get started, book your free consultation with me by getting in touch.