How To Build Your Career As A Professional Speaker

In this training I go deep into the inner sanctum of how everything works, sharing with you every tip and trick imaginable that I’ve learned giving more than 500 keynote talks around the world over more than 10 years.

Speaking for companies ranging from Google, Microsoft and Apple to Nestle, P&G, IKEA and Lego – receiving a wide range of testimonials.

“Not only will this training help you fast track your journey, but it will give you the blueprint every pro speaker needs to know to be the best in the game.”

During our time together I go through all the lessons I’ve experienced in over a decade of pro speaking. Sharing my unique framework for how to build your career as a professional speaker. If you are ready to go from £2k per talk to command £25k plus then this is the training for you.

Below you’ll find a free 30min webinar where I give you a behind the scenes overview of the speaking profession and a preview of what we will cover during our time together in the training (7 hour, 14 module course).

In the free webinar above, I’ve gone through the contents of the full course:

Standard Modules

1. How the speaking industry works – Understand the landscape of professional speaking

2. Choosing your topics – How to work out what to speak about in ways that people will pay for

3. Positioning yourself as a speaker – What you can do to create (or improve) your positioning in the industry, thought leadership

4. Developing the presentation material – Overview of what resources you can use and in how to create outstanding slides

5. How much to charge – the realistic expectations and timeframes

6. Agency outreach & liaison – how to find, connect and deal with speaking agencies

7. What to wear on stage – from colour options to microphone placement and everything in-between

8. Pre-talk preparation – a checklist of all the things needed before your talk to ensure everything goes smoothly

9. What to do on the day of the talk – from travel to diet to overcoming fear and everything in-between

10. Delivery styles that work – how to deliver your messages in the most compelling way

Premium Modules

11. Tips & tricks of client briefing calls – how to ensure clients say yes and become your advocates

12. How to win over a crowd – the surefire crowd-pleasers that work every time

13. The most and least powerful things to say – the winning and losing lines you may choose (or not!) to say

14. Growing your career – creating related products and services

The outcome of the webinar is for you to get an insight into the types of lessons I’ve learned from over a decade of pro speaking experience. So, check it out above and then scroll down further if you feel the full course would accelerate your professional speaking exponentially. I think it will (and I wish I’d had this course when I started!).

Buy The Course Today

There are three options to buy the course. The most affordable is to buy the standard and premium modules together which will save you £240. Alternatively, you can buy just the standard modules and then the premium modules afterwards. The chances are so high that, after watching the 5 hours of standard content that you’ll want the final 2 hours of premium, it would be more cost effective to invest into the full course. But, you choose!

The below testimonial is from Alice Mabin who bought the full course (standard + premium modules):

“I met Jonathan back in 2015 when I won BEFA Asia Pacific Female Entrepreneur of the Year. My whole world was rocked by his presentation as I resonated with his futuristic views and he opened up my mind to a world of opportunities. I have since followed his work, read his books and singed up for his keynote-speaking course. 

Powered by Change has become a sort of ‘bible’ for me. The fundamental principles in the book should be the building blocks of any start up, and the reinvigoration of any established business that is focused on remaining viable in this ever-changing world. As Sir Francis Bacon once said, ‘knowledge is power’. Investing in ourselves is the best investment we will ever make, and for those interested in adding keynote speaking to their repertoire, Jonathan’s course is bang on.

Many successful business people can be hard to ‘connect’ with, as their success can sometimes seem unobtainable. Jonathans ‘no bullshit’ approach shows his authenticity and true desire for others to be just as successful as he is at speaking, without having to go through the years of trial and error to get there. He is one guy who is truly in the business of helping others succeed. The lifetime skills learned in seven hours makes the return on investment for this course immeasurable.”

Professional Speaker Mentoring and Training

If you are already on the path of being a professional speaker or you’d like the most advanced mentoring and training services available, click below to find out how I can help you accelerate your career and be an even better speaker.

I can assist you in numerous ways:

  • Signature Talk Creation
  • Story Telling Formula
  • Stage Management
  • Facilitation for Feedback
  • Audience Participation/ Q&A
  • Follow up & List Building (Comms Plan)
  • Testimonials for Social Proof
  • Thought Leadership Positioning
  • Consultancy/Advisory Services
  • Agency Management/Social Media