Professional Speaker Mentoring And Training

If you are already on the path of being a professional speaker or you’d like the most advanced mentoring and training services available, I can help you accelerate your career and be an even better speaker.

I can assist you in numerous ways:

  • Signature Talk Creation
  • Story Telling Formula
  • Stage Management
  • Facilitation for Feedback
  • Audience Participation/ Q&A
  • Follow up & List Building (Comms Plan)
  • Testimonials for Social Proof
  • Thought Leadership Positioning
  • Consultancy/Advisory Services
  • Agency Management/Social Media

Professional Speaker Mentoring

This service is for people who are either starting out on their speaker journey or are already established and wish to leverage their skills more.

My mentoring is either via regular video calls (standard level) or in-person (premium level).

Standard Level:

  • 2 x 15min calls per month via video call (I use “Zoom” as it enables you to record our calls for later reference).
  • In advance of each call, you can email me an outline of what you want to discuss so I can prepare. This makes the time more useful!
  • On the call, I can give you guidance and advice regarding your roadmap and progression.

Premium Level:

  • 1 x 30min in-person meeting per month. If we’re unable to be in the same city (or happen to be unavailable) then you can switch this to a 1 x 60min video call per month instead.
  • As with the standard level, you can email me in advance of the meeting/call.
  • When we speak, I can provide deep strategic guidance and also personally introduce you to any of the 8000 professional contacts I’m connected all over the world.

Professional Speaker Training

Speaking professionally, either as a career or part of a job role, is something that few have mastered, many are fearful of, yet is extremely common.

There are so many courses available to choose from, however, they tend to be provided by people who haven’t been at the very top of the professional speaker game.

Many courses cover predictable aspects but very few reveal the hidden tips and tricks of how the most powerful techniques can truly work in practice.

In the professional speaker training I offer, I bring every learning and inner sanctum detail to you (or your team), to create the most resonant and impactful speaker skills imaginable.

My service offering builds above and beyond my “How To Be A Professional Speaker” course as the training I provide works with you, your style and your specific context.

There are two levels available:

Personal Level

  • This is regular one-to-one training between me and you. This can happen in-person or via video call. We first meet to discuss objectives the tailor my support to what you personally require.
  • You have 2 hours per month of my time that you can use as you wish. This may include me even attending one of your talks as an observer.

Team Level

  • If you have a team (regardless of size) that would significantly benefit from the most advanced speaker training available, this level is for you and them.
  • I can visit you and the team in-person to assess the requirements and tailor the service to what’s needed. Then you have 4 hours per month of my time either in-person or via video calls.