From Richard Waterhouse, Chief Executive, NBS:
“We challenged Jonathan to be the final speaker at our conference on digitising the construction industry, a sector that is not known for its rapid adoption of technology. As well as reinforcing and driving home the underlying theme of the day, he thoroughly entertained and educated the audience on digital and disruption and gave us a number of ‘laugh out loud’ moments. His messaging was clear and unambiguous, and was delivered in a challenging but non-threatening way. A great way to end the day.”

From Esther Basra, Marketing Training Manager, Tesco plc:
“It was a brilliant session and it was really clear that the audience was engaged throughout. As well as learning from the amazing content, I know I’ve also picked up some tips on how to deliver an impactful presentation from an absolute expert.”

From Geoff Andrew, CEO, Worldhotels:
“We invited Jonathan to speak at our Annual Conference after seeing him present previously at another hotel industry event. He did not disappoint! His presentation was engaging, interesting, entertaining and filled with anecdotes that were relevant to our industry. We would gladly work with Jonathan again.”

From the Key Retail Account Manager, Google:
“Having Jonathan as a keynote speaker at our event turned out to be a recipe for success. He challenged, inspired and entertained the audience with his strong message, relevant industry examples and anecdotal quotes and stories. Jonathan’s speaking style and message fitted in perfectly with the theme and atmosphere of the event.”

From the Client Director for Professional Services, WRG:
“Rarely will a guest speaker dedicate so much research and insight into a client and a topic.  I found Jonathan’s willingness to engage pre-event to learn about the client, and tailor his content to suit, to be very refreshing and this attention to detail really paid off onsite.  Despite a red-eye flight from Canada to make our morning event, Jonathan was fresh and energetic and made a real effort to mix with the client, adapting his content on the move to relate to the other speakers and he even helped out the production team by keeping ahead of time to balance the agenda! I thought he was very professional and he delivered insightful, challenging and stimulating content that perfectly matched the audience and our brief. “

From the IOD Chairman, Guernsey Branch:
“A short note of sincere thanks for your outstanding contribution to the IoD Convention.
As you know, we were very much aiming for a complete change of direction in terms of positivity and attitude coming out of the event. I am delighted to advise that feedback thus far has been incredibly positive, and your presentation was a huge contributor to this success.  You were simply outstanding in terms of content and delivery of your talk, setting the scene for discussions over the rest of the evening.  And the way that you tailored the session specifically for us certainly engaged and entertained the audience.
So on behalf the organising committee, thank you very much, your professionalism is unsurpassed and we are truly delighted that you were able to join us in Guernsey. We hope we can tempt you back again?!”

From the Chief Operating Officer, Hotel Technology Next Generation:
“Jonathan was very well-received by the audience.  I am often disappointed by our paid speakers and don’t feel like we got our money’s worth, but I didn’t feel that way at all with Jonathan. I was particularly pleased with the way he tailored the message to the location and audience, and how he spoke in an insightful way to the industry without trying to portray himself as an expert.”

From the CEO & Program Director, Urban Future:
“Jonathan has a great gift to connect with the audience. He does not stop at capturing attention and engaging with his listeners, he really provides them with something they can all use everyday in their jobs.”

From the Senior Marketing Manager and owner of Future Customer Lab,
IKEA France:

“You made an excellent performance, as well as one year earlier, when I saw you in Malmo. You are full of passion and energy and manage to transfer this to the audience. You have an extremely serious message that you transform into inspiration and easy understanding. You manage to touch both the heart and the brain. On this specific occasion, presenting to a group of 120 French managers, the language and speed of presenting was a challenge that you managed in a really good way. Your message cannot be missed and is very relevant to any organisation.
Once again, thank you for an extremely important and useful presentation.”

From the Head of Customer Strategy at Telefonica UK:
“We brought Jonathan in to help our senior team understand how we were going to achieve more relevance in our customers’ lives going forward. Primarily, he helped us to understand the business that we are today and the business that we’re going to be in the future.
He ensured we were able to get the board to buy into this ambition and then start to question whether we should go bigger or not.
I would absolutely recommend Jonathan to any company in any industry. His insight is invaluable.”

From the Head of PR, Tesco Mobile:
“Jonathan did a fantastic job at the Tesco Mobile event last Thursday.  I got some great feedback from the team who found him to be inspirational, engaging and extremely interesting.  He’d tailored his presentation really well and he was extremely knowledgeable and a huge asset to the agenda.  Thanks for recommending him.  We think he’s absolutely brilliant.”

From the CEO of Ikea of Sweden:
“You made a great impression on us. With a risk of telling you what you already know; you have an absolute world class, unique talent combining vision, strategy and challenge which, based on your lovely sense of humour, is incredibly effective to open minds. Thank you.”

From senior C-Suite attendees at the recent Microsoft Hosting Summit where Jonathan was the highest rated speaker in the last 8 years:

“Amazing presentation – Fantastic delivery – Engaging and relevant”

“Best session of the event”

“Great Presentation – The best!”

“Brilliant speaker”

“Impeccable presentation skills, relevant to all audiences”

“Fantastic speaker, thank you!”

“Great to step back and look at broader perspectives”

“Best session yet on true transformation”

“Love it – so mind opening”

“Really great session. Very inspirational!”

“Provided insights and validated what’s going on with my business; can’t wait to take action and learn more from Jonathan”

Additional feedback from talks delivered to large business owners, SME directors and founders, entrepreneurs and heads of industry:

“Amazing talk from Jonathan MacDonald this afternoon! Very inspirational and thought provoking!”

“I wanted to contact you directly firstly to say a huge personal thank you for yesterday. I feel privileged and inspired to have been in the room. I’ve been to and watched many speakers in the areas of business, motivation, self-development, etc, from some of the leading names in their field but yours was in every way, by far, the one that has challenged and excited me the most. According to my wife I was bouncing off the walls with excitement when I got home. Thank you.”

“Inspirational speech by Jonathan MacDonald today, really makes you approach business from whole new perspectives”

“Thanks for making such a fantastic inspiring speech Jon it was awesome!”

“Thank-you for making me stand back and look at the bigger picture last week at BEF – not many people bring me to tears!”

“Still buzzing from watching Jonathan MacDonald yesterday. Truly inspirational.”

“Thank you so much for your insights into our possible future!  Thank you for taking the time to speak to us and energise our thoughts. I feel that tingling sensation of what is to come and look forward to how I might expand on what and how I do business in the future. It was an absolute pleasure talking to you.”

“Firstly what a pleasure and honour it was to hear you speak yesterday in Brighton – Wow!  I can honestly say those 3 hours were the most valuable I’ve ever had!”

“The group at the conference that I was with all said that the highpoint of the two days was your presentation (sorry Brad !), really got us all thinking about the direction of our business and how to make our businesses fit for the rapid changes coming in the areas of science and technology.”

“Absolutely amazing presentation at BEF, thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“This morning something changed in Brighton. As a coach I had defined my purpose as “transforming peoples lives”. Then after going through this morning realised it’s about transforming my life. Don’t know what the idea(s) are yet but I know it’s profound and in some way I have to work with you. Didn’t trust myself to walk over and chat … resonating too much!
But action started this day.”

“I’m already receiving rave reviews from our UK event about Jonathan MacDonald!”

“Thank you for your wake up to tomorrow lecture/workshop I am very grateful to have taken part.”